With an extensive background that includes over 24 years of experience in many aspects of the stunt and action industry, including fights, car stunts, high falls, scuba, wire work, and fire safety as well as having a strong background in martial arts, gymnastics and acrobatic training, Mark Hicks possess natural management and leadership skills. He began coordinating and action directing in 1998 and has worked around the globe including, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Romania and Malaysia and of course all over the United States. Mark Hicks has been awarded 3 International Taurus Stunt Awards for his outstanding work on “Rush Hour 2”. Some of the people Mr. Hicks has had the pleasure of working with and help guide and shape his career are:

  • Rob Cohen, Director
  • F. Gary Gray,Director
  • Jackie Chan, Producer/Actor
  • Cory Yuan, Director/Fight Choreographer
  • Mr. Terry Leonard, Second Unit Director/Stunt Coordinator
  • Mr. Gary Hymes, Second Unit Director/Stunt Coordinator
  • Mr. Conrad Palmasano, Second Unit Director/Stunt Coordinator
  • Mr. Rick Walters, Director/Acting Coach

Training and Education

  • Rick Walters, Directing and Acting Coach, Hollywood, California
  • Paul Stader’s Stunt School, Malibu California
  • Rick Seaman’s Stunt and Precision Driving School, Palmdale, California
  • Gymnastics Training, College Minnesota/Arizona/Los Angeles, California
  • PADI SCUBA, Certified, Burbank, California
  • Korean Karate – Rashad, Karate Member – St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Tae Kwon do, Hapkido – Jun Chong, TKD Member, Los Angeles, California